Pre-Paid Credit Card

Powered by Master Card, Banco Maré offers the pre-paid credit cards with the cost of R$ 10,00 ($ 2.70) a month, which can be converted to mobile phone credit.

The pre-paid credit card does not demand credit analysis or income proof from the customer, is widely accepted at any shop all over the country and allows consumers to use services such as Netflix, Uber and to shop in the internet.

It provides more control over spending and bring security, as our clients do not need to use cash anymore.

Bills Payment

Banco Maré provides a simple solution for a major problem in the low-income group in Brazil, which is bill payment.

Individuals have to spend time and money in public transport, wait hours in the line to pay a single check.

With Banco Maré APP you are able to pay any bill with a single click!

POS Machine

POS Machines allow any business to transact money without cash, making business deals easier, faster and safer.

All the sales are registered in the digital platform and enable more control for the shop.

Banco Maré reaches where other companies cannot reach. We offer smaller fees and anticipation for business, providing stability and confidence for our customers.